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Beermountain launched its website forum in April 2005. Back then beer was cheap, the sun always shined at Le Mans, and social media was still in its infancy. Times have changed, and online discussion forums find it hard to deliver the immediacy and instant engagement that many social media users now seek. We have therefore taken the decision to change the way we communicate with our members, and to close our forum.

Please don't panic! You can find below links to the online places where we have an official presence, and also to a couple of other places where some of our members congregate. Everyone has a different way of keeping up to date with news, so please interact with us in the place that is right for you. All our official news will be posted on the homepage of our website, on our Facebook page, and in our Twitter feed, so please do bookmark/like/follow if you would like to stay in touch.

The forum had thousands of historic discussion topics on nearly every possible subject to support a good trip to Le Mans. With the support of our members we will be releasing some of these as blogs and articles on our website. But we need help doing this - if you are interested, do get in touch.

The management and moderators would like to thank those 'Beermountaineers' who have been part of our online community of active and helpful forum members for their support, and of course for nurturing our values and traditions of being nice and having fun.

We live on as a community that will continue to meet in a field in France every year, continue to help others, and continue to support good causes - whilst having some fun of course. We look forward to seeing both old friends and new in June!

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