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The Bentley Boy "Lap" - A Whirlwind Adventure with Andy G

 The Bentley Boy "Lap" - A Whirlwind Adventure with Andy G


The Bentley Boy “Lap” – many thanks for your support

So the idea was that I do a lap of the Le Mans Circuit, on a scooter, sponsored by you for Mission Motorsport while dressed in 1923 Bentley gear. In theory that was simple. But this was France…..

The day before our camping team – the “School for Scoundrels” – scooted to the “Beermountain” web forum annual meeting dressed like this. I scooted 6 miles plus on open roads - very hot indeed.  Got some good comments from passing cars but boy was it scary…

We then raised about £3500 from an auction of stuff men only buy when Kronenbourg has been consumed; many thanks to those who donated items. Here’s a before and after – the flat cap is Graham tartan and cravat Oxfam.  We didn’t win “best fancy dress” as the judges said we couldn’t take the trophy as it was too big for a scooter ( it is the 10 kg Mercedes truck “Piston Broke” trophy).

My scooter also had an inflatable Vulcan bomber for aerodynamics (in memory of my good friend “Sqn Ldr Fluffy”, who is much missed at Le Mans). And a see.sense tracker and headlight too. And Martini stripes - so it can go anytime, anyplace, anywhere….

The next day the organisers of the race said the track would be open from 3-8pm for green travel laps.  So come 3pm I set off to access the famous Mulsanne straight, a mere 200m from our campsite.  I could even see people cycling past but the French security wouldn’t let me join, they said I would instead have to go to the start end of the straight, another 3 miles away.  Typical…

At this point the Heaven’s opened with stair rods of rain. So I went back to camp soaked like Jacques Cousteau and with wheels slipping all over (the scooter only has dry tyres) and decided to dry everything out and wait (just like F1 cars 😉).


I was just heading out back to the track when I got tweets on my connected scooter that they had unexpectedly closed the track (thanks Dave Monks). Lots of people fuming. So I went back to the tent and had a beer…. 

So here’s the thing, I was never able to do the lap due to a) the French and b) weather. So I feel a bit bad re the sponsorship – if anyone wants a refund please do shout – but propose to you that 6 miles on the day before (on highly trafficked roads in the heat) was a good substitute for the 8 miles promised.

With your help, and the auction, we raised £4617.87 for Mission Motorsport. If anyone now wants to chip in who didn’t know about my effort please goto here.  Every penny will be used well.

Oh, and there was a magnificent race too, with Ferrari winning with style after 50 years, albeit with a new safety car system designed by the French that caused mayhem, and with great times and laughs aplenty between new friends and old mates. 

Bonnet de douche Rodney, as they say. Mange toute!

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