Getting There

Planning your drive to Le Mans -

  • Driving to Le Mans can be great part of the race experience - French roads are generally excellent - its your choice if you want to take the scenic route through the villages, or get down quickly on the Autoroute
  • Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before you set off. Try to avoid the last minute delays due to breakdowns
  • Make sure your paperwork is in order and you have the right kind of European cover and roadside recovery.
  • Be aware of French road laws, especially those around drink driving and speed limits. Ignore this advice at your peril
  • Plan a good route considering stops along the way
  • Be aware that if you arriving on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday Monday, many petrol stations will be closed. Plan accordingly and take advantage of a fuel stop when you can

Things to consider when booking your ferry crossing -

  • Take into account the journey times both ends of the crossing - there are some interesting alternatives now, especially if you are travelling from the North of the UK
  • The prices can vary wildly depending on the day and time you travel - try more than one quote
  • Think about how vital rest is going to be - if you are on a longer crossing, a cabin can be a really sensible choice
  • Bear in mind that you will pay extra for anything non standard (things on the roof or being towed)
  • Some operators offer discounts to car clubs, overseas property owners and their shareholders - if in doubt ask!
  • Some travel agents claim to have special ferry fares - they don't - they just get a commission from your booking
Here is our list of the current Channel options. Just click the links to check out prices and sailings. Some of the start points make more sense of course from the North of the UK.

If you have any questions on getting the right route, please visit our forum where you can learn more about how many of our members get across the wet bit on their way to Sarthe!

Time to 24hr Du Mans 2019:



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