About Us

Beermountain have been proudly serving the Le Mans 24 Hour race fan community since 1992. We felt there was a gap in the information available about the greatest motorsport event on Planet Earth. It's more than just a race. To many visitors camping and socialising at Le Mans is as important as the race itself! Our members take part in unique activities throughout race week, mixing watching action on the track with some great social events.

Here at Beermountain we are happy to help provide information on how to get the best campsite tickets, sort out your travel plans and get through the weekend in comfort and style. No matter if it's your first trip to Le Mans, or if you are a seasoned veteran, we hope you will find our site both of practical use and entertainment.

We started out as a small group of fun loving Le Mans goers in the early 1990's. We quickly found the humour and fun of the event to be highly addictive. Over time we grew beyond our own single team, and now there are Beermountain members on every campsite at Le Mans. We represent our community with a host of activities during race week, and our very own display team - "The Wild Choppers" - occasionally perform at events such as the Drivers' Parade.

We hope you find our website useful in planning your next trip to Le Mans. Once you have read the planning pages why not join our forum? There are always members on hand to say "hello" and help you there. You will need our special secret code when you register - 1664 - easy to remember if you are a beer drinker!

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