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Our new trackside reporter 'Lowdrag' has been out to the Mulsanne Corner to see the work that has been done to the corner. He also had a look in our favourite bar. 

Lowdrag writes...
Well, once again it seems that Jeannine is still running the show, and frankly I think that she'll only leave in a box. She's been there since she was 21 and that's about 45 years now. She is part of the history of Le Mans for many of us.

It will be a brave man who tries to use the rumble strip twice, or even once. 
I really cannot understand what they have tried to achieve here. In the past it was a 60 mph 2nd gear corner, and the idea was to make it less a 90 degree bend. The new gravel trap is deeper, but I can't say that it looks any better to me. 

The first photo shows the approach, with the dailt road on the left, a stupid gravel trap, and the racing line on the right. 

In the second I am standing looking back up the Mulsanne, and you can see the tyre wall which is at the end of that silly gravel trap. I'm off  the racing line on the interior of the racing line. 

Next I am standing on the wall on the inside of the bend. You can see the gravel trap and the change to spectator viewing.

Many thanks to Tony "Lowdrag" for the photos of Mulsanne Corner and the news from the track.

Time to 24hr Du Mans 2022:


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