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Many of you would have now seen the announcements from the ACO and ticket agents about the race in September. It appears that a race will still happen but the logistics of how race goers will be able to watch the race are changing. Unfortunately the organisers of the AGM do not feel it would be safe or possible to have an AGM in September.
But, we did have a successful virtual AGM before the Virtual race in June and many thanks go out to those who organised it and to those who joined in. It is hoped that those of you who are going to the race have a great time and those watching from home also get to enjoy it. Hopefully you will be having mini Le Mans campsites in your gardens and enjoy a few French beers, mergeuz and baguettes. We would like to see photos of your race weekend and there will be a few prizes available, watch this space.
June 2021 is less than a year away now and many are making plans to attend then. Ferries are being booked, tickets transferred, costumes designed and menus thought about. Again, please do share your plans with us.
Let us hope we will all meet up soon in our favourite field in France to enjoy our passion for friends and racing.


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