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Beermountain started out as an online social place for a few chaps who used to meet in a field in France once a year back in the 1990s. They shared a love of BBQ, cold beer, loud cars and Raleigh "Chopper" bikes and each year planned their adventure at this website.

By the time Bentley were back on top in 2001, it was clear times were changing. Race fans were crying out for an independent online place to share ideas and learn from the experience of others. They needed to know more of the reality of camping and surviving the adventure that is race week at the greatest motorsport event on the planet from a trustworthy source.

They wanted somewhere friendly where others shared the same outlook on life. Simply that Le Mans is more than just a race, and the more friends you have at Le Mans, the more fun you can have!

Beermountain opened its doors to Le Mans fans in 2005, and its forum became the planning and help hub for thousands of visitors to the race. Today it is the largest Le Mans 24 Hour Race community in the world. Members socialise online all year round, but in the run up to the race every year they help new members planning their very first trip. Oh, and a few mad latecomers that seemed to have made no arrangements! The forum has a "knowledge bank" of hundreds of thousands of topics on every aspect of making the most of Le Mans. 

Our members organise their trip to Le Mans in a way that works best for them, but most like to learn from the experience of others and try new things. Wherever you camp and whatever you decide to do on your next visit to La Sarthe, there will be Beermountaineers all around you - why not join the fun in our forum today and meet some of them right now?

One final thing before you join. We like to keep the robots and spammers out of the forum, so you will need the following special number on the registration page - 1664. Easy to remember if you are a beer drinker!

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